Monday, January 24, 2011

Tourism Development Centre Newkaz

Tourism Development Center

5 Janashia Street, Tbilisi 0179, Georgia
Tel/fax:+99532 233756

About Newkaz
Newkaz was established in 2005 year in Tbilisi. It is a tourism development center, direction of newkaz’s ativity is towards the yang people,who are interested in tourism sphere and future guides. Its aim is  to form healthy touristic surroundings and promote the development of consumer potential of  domestic tourism with different cultural – educational  programs. The center promotes to introduce the modern methods in tourism sphere, popularization of guide profession with preparation and emploiment qualified guides.

Training Programs:

·            Training of local/regional guides;
·            Somelies profession study;
·            Training in communication;
·            Training course in travel services management;
·            educational outing for guides.

Newkaz maintenances:

·            Organization of individual and group tours in Georgia;
·        Tours in Tao-Klardjeti;
·            Organization of special tours;
·            Organization individual tours for business groups;
·            Tours/excursions for schools(lyceums, colleges);
·            Wine tours;
·            Organization of cultural tours;
·            Organization of ethnographic tours;
·            Organization of exstrem tours.

You will be served by local experienced guides

Our guides speak:
Russian,English,French,Spanish,Italian, German,Japaness, Jewish, Persian languages.

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